Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion mean bigger and better ideas, a strong and credible brand, and – most importantly – a happy and motivated workforce. Invest in your organisation’s future by investing in your culture.

Tell Jane supports organisations to build diverse, inclusive, and empathetic workplaces where every individual feels they belong.

Our experienced D&I practitioners are experts in tackling toxic behaviour, cultivating inclusive cultures, preventing harassment and discrimination, and engaging employees of all backgrounds.

Issues like gender, sexuality, race and disability don’t have to be challenging topics. Together, we can increase awareness and understanding to enhance the working environment for everyone.

D&i Consultancy

D&I Consultancy

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just a box-ticking exercise – it requires an active strategy to build a sense of belonging throughout your organisation. Tell Jane’s D&I consultants have years of experience in what does (and what doesn’t) work, plus we can develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

We provide concrete, actionable advice and training to create an inclusive culture and bridge the gap from recruitment to retention, from grassroots to senior management, and from your company’s brand to your employees’ experiences.
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D&I Training

Your organisation’s values are only as real as your people make them. Training is the first step to translating your D&I vision and strategy into everyday practise.

Covering the fundamentals of dismantling bias, harassment and discrimination, bystander intervention and allyship, and inclusive leadership, Tell Jane’s in-person or online workshops make space for open discussion and provide practical tools for change.

Every workplace is different so we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our training is tailored to your business and adapted to your employees’ needs.
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D&i Training
Anonymous Reporting Hotline

Anonymous reporting hotline

Speaking up about harassment, discrimination and bullying is hard, but you can make it easier for employees to express concerns and to be heard without shame or fear. The Tell Jane freephone hotline offers an anonymous, independent platform for employees to seek advice and report incidents.

As well as providing a safe space to raise sensitive issues, the hotline helps you address complaints and conflicts before they escalate. Our HR practitioners aren’t just a listening ear – they provide practical solutions and work through issues with both business and complainant.
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Define the Line training resource

Prevention is better than cure. Define the Line is a unique anti-harassment resource that uses comic book storytelling to impart insight, raise awareness and encourage collective responsibility.

Train your team to recognise toxic workplace behaviour through representations of real-life scenarios, and empower employees with the tools to speak out.
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Define The Line Training Resource

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