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Frequently asked questions

Who Is Tell Jane For?

Tell Jane practitioners work with organisations and businesses from all industry sectors but our service is particularly beneficial to those companies with small teams dispersed around multiple locations.

What is Tell Jane?

Tell Jane is a HR consultancy specialising in workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying.

We provide a structured and efficient process for dealing with complaints and workplace issues through a freephone hotline, where employees can report issues of harassment.

We also provide comprehensive training and workshops for HR and management, as well as employees. Our consultants are also on-hand to provide support for dealing with employee relations issues, including independent investigations.


  • We subsequently provide a structured and efficient process for dealing with complaints and workplace issues.

What are the benefits of Tell Jane?

Subscribing to Tell Jane sends a clear and positive message to your people, shareholders and stakeholders that employee welfare is at the heart of your company’s culture.

You are demonstrating a willingness to tackle the difficult issues of harassment, discrimination and bullying head on.

We help you create clear policies and procedures for dealing with reports of workplace harassment, as well as providing a safe and confidential space for employees to report concerns.

Tell Jane also acts as a deterrent to perpetrators of unacceptable behaviour, while also equipping your HR and management tteams with the skills to deal with workplace issues when/should they occur.

How do I keep my anonymity?

If you make a report to Tell Jane and prefer to remain anonymous, we will provide you a pin number so you can call back at any time to find out how your complaint has been managed.

If I make a complaint what can I expect?

Employees can speak to a Tell Jane specialist 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday by calling freephone 0800 689 0802.

Our advisor will start by explaining the Tell Jane process; calls are not recorded and every call is treated as confidential. You will then be asked to describe what has happened. At the end of the call, to check for accuracy, we will repeat back the conversation to you the discussion.

A summary of the call will be passed on to your company’s designated officer. No personal information is passed on without your consent.

There will be two designated officers assigned to receive information from Tell Jane. The first officer is the primary contact, the second will be contacted if the complaint is related to the first.

Depending upon the nature of your complaint, various recommendations will be made – from a conversation with the perpetrator to raising a formal grievance. In all instances your information will remain anonymous and we will keep you up to date with actions that have been taken.

We aim to provide feedback on your report within 14 days.