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Gender pay gap reporting requires you to gather and publish data about gender and pay each year.

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What is Gender Pay Gap Reporting

What is gender pay gap reporting?

It’s illegal to pay men and women differently for the same work, but the gender pay gap is more complicated than that. Across all industries, women are more likely to work in lower-paid roles, while higher-paid positions are dominated by men.

Gender pay gap reporting helps you identify, explain, and mitigate any pay inequalities in your organisation. It’s also an important tool for the government to understand the gender pay gap across the workforce as a whole, to analyze differences by sector, and to track progress over time.

If you have more than 250 employees, you’re legally obliged to publish a gender pay gap report, but smaller organisations can also choose to participate.

What is Gender Pay Gap Reporting

What do you need to report?

Your gender pay gap report must include figures on men’s and women’s pay, hours, and bonuses. That means gathering detailed payroll data for each employee and calculating averages in a way that makes the numbers comparable.

If you do find that your organisation has a gender pay gap, you can also publish a supporting narrative and an action plan:

  • The supporting narrative contextualises the figures, explaining why a pay gap exists in your organisation and any actions you’ve already taken to close it
  • The action plan explains what you will do to understand and tackle the pay gap

While publishing these documents is voluntary, doing so has clear reputational benefits. Demonstrating your commitment to gender equity in the workplace will help you attract and retain women at all levels of your workforce, bringing you a step closer to closing the gap.

Don’t leave your gender pay gap reporting until the last minute – we can help

How can Tell Jane help?

We know that gender pay gap reporting can be overwhelming. We’re here to support you through every stage of the process, making sure you meet the necessary deadlines and provide the required data, and helping you understand the figures and what you can do about them.

Our gender pay gap specialists work with you to:

  • Collect and analyse the data, making sure your figures are accurate
  • Compose a supporting narrative that puts the numbers in context, highlighting any progress you’ve already made
  • Develop and implement a clear, actionable strategy to improve the picture year-on-year

The deadline for gender pay gap reporting will be here before you know it, so get a head start by contacting us today.