Policy review

To build an open, diverse, and inclusive culture, you need robust policies that reflect your values.

We review your HR materials and procedures at all stages of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retention to exit.

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The first step to an inclusive workplace is a bias-free hiring process. We help you ensure every candidate has a great experience from their very first encounter with your organisation.

It’s easy for bias to creep into job adverts, role descriptions, and person specifications. We review your recruitment materials for inclusive language so that your vacancies attract a wealth of diverse talent and promising candidates don’t screen themselves out.

You also need an interview strategy that safeguards against discrimination and puts candidates at ease. We’ll recommend best practices and proven tactics for bias-free interviewing.


When you’ve found the right person for the job, it’s important to build a sense of belonging from the offset. We’ll make sure your onboarding procedures make every new hire feel welcome and that your employee handbook reflects your culture of openness and inclusion.

Policy review
Policy review

Retention and engagement

Your employees’ wellbeing is crucial to your organisation’s longevity. To retain top talent, we help you to develop policies that ensure your people feel supported and engaged.

To protect your workplace from toxic behaviour, we’ll make sure you have robust policies on bullying, discrimination and harassment. In the event that issues do arise, we’ll check that your grievance and complaint handling policies are up to par and in compliance with the law.

To retain a diverse workforce, it’s important to provide people with the conditions they need to perform at their best. We can advise on parental leave, flexible work, workplace accessibility, and other policies that strengthen your culture and improve retention. We can also help you develop effective strategies for monitoring the employee experience ongoing, allowing you to identify potential issues early.


When an employee does decide to move on, it’s a great opportunity to find out what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll review your offboarding procedures and exit interview strategy to make sure you get the right insights and that they leave on good terms.

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