Define the Line



Define the Line comic book is priced at £14.00 per copy.

In this interactive training resource, readers are taken through six different scenarios to explore and understand workplace harassment. Each scenario is accompanied by an activity expand the reader’s knowledge and encourage critical thinking about how they would handle a similar situation, what resources they have in their workplaces to help them and how they can define their line when someone crosses it.

Define the Line explores the following topics:

Sexualised comments
Physical harassment
Quid pro quo
Sexualised environments
Tech and harassment
Conduct outside the office
Sexual orientation
Written, verbal and physical harassment

Throughout each scenario readers will also learn what it means to be a bystander and how to become an ally, how they can speak up for themselves and each other, and what defining the line means for themselves and their organisation.

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What people are saying about Define the Line:

“When I opened up our copy of the Define the Line comic book I had no idea I would read it cover to cover in one sitting. It was the first time I was provided with scenarios filled with situations that were so relatable.”

“I just completed my harassment training and found Define the Line to be a breath of fresh air to a sometimes overlooked subject that often has stale training associated with it.”