Creating an inclusive workplace: D&I strategy and consulting

Diverse workplaces are more creative, innovative and profitable. However, diversity is not a box-ticking exercise. A commitment to creating a sense of belonging through an inclusive company culture is the key to employee wellbeing and engagement, attracting and retaining top talent and gaining competitive advantage.

From the recruitment, selection and interview process through to professional development, reward and retention schemes as well as company-wide training for cultivating an inclusive culture, Tell Jane can support your workplace in developing and implementing an effective D&I strategy.

Designed for the entire workforce, this workshop encourages proactive empathy and a collective responsibility for creating an inclusive workplace.

Who is it for?
Employees of all levels looking to understand how to be an effective all

Through collective discussion, attendees develop a code of behaviour that underpins how they want to interact with one another in the workplace as individuals and as colleagues.

Who is it for?
Organisations looking to develop and implement a dignity at work policy with company-wide buy-in.

Implicit bias exists within us all, influencing our actions and decisions. The key to dismantling bias is to understand its many forms, as well as why and how they are formed, in order to challenge our behaviours and belief systems.

Who is it for?
Leadership teams and HR looking to understand and overcome bias.

Leadership is a skill. Equip leaders with the skills to be inclusivity role models through understanding the benefits of diversity, dismantling bias, ensuring psychological safety and cultivating a culture of belonging.

Who is it for?
Leaders of all levels committed to professional development, training and improvement.

What constitutes sexual harassment? How does it differ from gender discrimination? Do you know how to respond effectively to a complaint of harassment? These questions and many more are explored in this open and collaborative workshop.

Who is it for?
Employees of all levels looking to understand how to identify, tackle and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Give your people the tools to tackle and speak out against workplace bullying. Discover how to identify toxic behaviour, how to respond effectively to incidences and how to encourage collective accountability for the company culture through allyship.

Who is it for?
Organisations looking to upskill their employees, HR departments and management teams.

What is privilege? Why is it such a challenging subject to discuss? By exploring and reframing the concept of privilege, we show how it can be used to empower others in the fight against inequality.

Who is it for?
Organisations looking to explore, tackle and prevent systemic inequality across all protected characteristics, not just race