Support for your workplace

Tell Jane is an HR consultancy that partners with your organisation to enhance your workplace culture.

Together, we protect your business and your people from toxic behaviour, such as harassment, discrimination and bullying. The result: improved productivity and increased employee retention.

What we do

Tell Jane helps you to enhance your workplace culture. We do this by upskilling your HR and management teams, and by creating a better working environment for your people.

Our team of experienced HR practitioners provide a case handling support service and are skilled in complaint handling.

But most importantly, we care.

We offer valuable insight through training and support for dealing with toxic workplace behaviour and employee challenges.

We also offer an independent Freephone hotline for the anonymous reporting of workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying. By subscribing to the Tell Jane hotline, you are showing your people your commitment to preventing and tackling toxic workplace behaviour.

Why Tell Jane?

Gain commercial value from your business culture

Tell Jane offers a proactive way to detox your workplace; reducing the impact of harassment, discrimination and bullying to your bottom line and increasing productivity:  

  • You have a duty of care to your people and to ensure issues are resolved before they escalate. We can help you fulfill this duty.
  • Do you have an understanding of your company culture from the grassroots up? Is no news good news?
  • Investing in your company culture reduces employer liability and safeguards your business.
  • Tell Jane supports your business as you grow. Let’s start talking.

Attract and retain the best talent

By partnering with Tell Jane you are showing your commitment to your people’s welfare:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to facing any form of toxic behaviour head on enhances your brand reputation among your stakeholders – both inside and outside the company.
  • Cultivating an inclusive and supportive company culture will increase productivity and improve employee retention
  • Seize the opportunity to upskill your HR and management teams
  • Offer your people a channel for anonymous reporting of complaints relating to bullying, harassment or discrimination through a confidential Freephone employee hotline

Who we are

Get to know our qualified HR practitioners


HR Professional

Lisa has 17 years’ experience in HR and holds an MA in Human Resource Management.Lisa specialises in SME businesses with her HR consultancy, which is now in its fourth year.

Prior to this, Lisa was an HR director for a media business and has worked in Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Hospitality and at Chelsea FC – despite being a Liverpool fan!

Lisa is an HR generalist but particularly enjoys employee relations, and learning and development. She is committed to coaching people, and highly motivated by seeing them grow and develop through their careers.

Lisa has a no-nonsense approach to business, injecting high levels of energy and is at her best-creating order from chaos.

At the weekend you will find Lisa in a coffee shop, running around after her toddler or spending time with her cat.


HR Professional

Joshua has 14 years’ HR experience. He is an Associate Member of the CIPD and a trained mediator.
Joshua has worked as an HR professional in more than 17 organisations – from start-ups to multinationals across a number of sectors including retail, professional services, transport, education and housing – where he has specialised in change management, restructuring and TUPE transfers, employee relations, dispute resolution and policy writing.

Joshua loves empowering people to resolve their problems and witnessing their subsequent transformation in confidence and self-esteem.

He also has a passion for helping companies to find the easiest, fastest and cheapest solutions to achieving business objectives through their people strategies without compromising the integrity and values of the business or the fundamental human relationship.

Outside of work, Joshua can be found wrapped up in bed reading or trawling Instagram for good food and cocktail bars in London. He also has a particular interest in women in antiquity, most notably warrior queens.


HR Professional

Liz has over 30 years’ experience in HR. She is a Fellow of the CIPD and a member of The Coaching Academy.

Liz has held a number of HR Director positions including for Planet Hollywood, Regus and TMP Worldwide, where she was a member of the Leadership Team and a Board Director.

Liz particularly enjoys helping employees work through their problems and challenges towards a positive outcome. She is also interested in assessing how companies work and the culture they create, and is passionate about helping them create a better place for their employees.

In her spare time, Liz can be found in her kitchen baking award winning Victoria sandwich cakes and other delicious homemade treats – move over Mary Berry!


HR Professional

Ann is CIPD qualified and has 15 years’ experience in HR, in London and Internationally.

She specialises in employee relations and dispute resolution, motivated by looking to find common ground to ensure an outcome that is a win/win for clients and staff alike.

Ann is committed to operating in a non-judgemental manner to assure employers and employees that she has their best interests at the core of everything she does – HR doesn’t have to be scary! She also loves coaching managers and leaders on the value that retaining happy employees brings to a business.

At the weekend, Ann can be found watching her beloved Gunners at the Emirates or on TV. She is also fond of the odd kick about herself and on Sundays plays walking football – at the Emirates, of course.


HR Professional

Paula is an Associate Member of the CIPD and holds a MA in Human Resource Management. She has had her own consultancy since 2017.

Paula also has a degree in Psychology, which she owes to being able to quickly understand the individual needs of employees and discuss them in a friendly and approachable manner.

During her HR career, Paula has focussed on enabling companies to grow by supporting them with their HR and finance function; business owners can follow their passion safe in the knowledge they have an efficient professional with their best interests at heart.

She is also passionate about helping employers stand out from their competitors by supporting them to be more people focussed and provide a collaborative environment for growth.

In her spare time, you will find Paula walking the dog, circuit training and mediating sibling battles – that psychology degree really has come in handy!


HR Professional

Having graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in Business Studies, Andrea embarked on her 24-year career in HR. She has been self-employed for the past two years and prior to this worked 11 years at HR Director level with two main board positions including MD of a French pub company.

Andrea is passionate about empowering employees to turn difficult situations into positive ones, where they feel they have made a difference, are self-sufficient and able to progress in their career, perhaps in a way they didn’t think possible.

She is also motivated by seeing the impact of positive change on an organisation; seeing an organisation realise they can have a happily engaged workforce with improved profitability is incredibly satisfying for Andrea.

At the weekend, Andrea can be found shopping with her daughters, walking her two Bassett hounds and enjoying a glass of red with a Sunday roast cooked by her husband, unless she has managed to get tickets to a musical at our local theatre – most recently Mama Mia


HR Professional

I have over 25 years’ experience working in human resources. I am a Chartered Member of CIPD.

I was the Human Resources Director for Time Out Group a multimedia and publishing company for many years.

I now run my own Human Resources Consultancy based in London, working closely with SMEs, with between 1 and 60 employees.

I am passionate about helping business owners engage, develop and fairly treat their employees.

I like helping businesses become amazing employers, so they retain their best and most valuable talent.

On the weekends you will find me enjoying dinner and a glass of wine with my family and friends or at the cinema watching the latest new release.



Marketing and PR

Lucinda is a professional copywriter and PR consultant with 15 years' marketing and communications experience under her belt.

Having previously fulfilled the role of Head of Communications for a national charity, Lucinda has a particular passion for the not-for-profit sector and the communication challenges that charities often face.

With a keen eye for detail, Lucinda produces commercially aware and engaging online and offline content that exudes knowledge, passion, a strong opinion and a good helping of personality.

As well as overseeing the marketing and communications for Tell Jane, Lucinda is a published commentary writer offering up many an amusing and revealing anecdote in her attempt to navigate the seemingly treacherous world of a 30-something business woman.

Lucinda's passion for putting pen to paper extends to her leisure time as a keen calligrapher. But when she's not crafting or commentating, she's cooking. Mostly curry.


HR Professional

Aneta is a qualified Executive Coach with 15 years' experience in HR and adult education.

Aneta's HR experience spans corporate and SME, with a strong commercial focus. Indeed, her ambition and strong voice saw her gaining a Board seat where she was the youngest member.

She is passionate about women in leadership and promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace culture. As an expat female leader, who has worked in several countries, Aneta has developed a great sensitivity and understanding of different cultures.

She lives and breathes these values both in her consulting work and through her charity work as a mentor for female leaders in the non-for-profit sector.
In her free time, Aneta loves to travel and prides herself on having visited over 40 countries across five continents. She loves the outdoors, and enjoys hiking, swimming and scuba diving.


HR Professional

Christina Economou is a commercial futurist with a passion for putting people back at the heart of business.

Christina has succeeded in the last 15 years in architecting a career that allows her to transition and flex as her interests and passions evolve.

From successfully launching a series of global tech focused conferences in London, Johannesburg and Singapore. To joyously leading successful new business and retention teams in a global pioneering HR services firm.

Christina has an empathetic, high expectation leadership style and an authentic, honest, mistake making approach to life.

She believes whole heartedly that meaningful human connection is the answer to most challenges and advocates for the way in which technology can gives us the platforms to do so.

Christina’s personal mission is to support and serve people so they have more capacity to learn, grow and prosper in their careers.

Who we are

Get to know our trained HR practitioners