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Safeguard your culture and strengthen your policies with Tell Jane’s HR consultancy services. From recruitment to retention, from complaint handling to pay gap reporting, we’re here to support you in supporting your people.

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HR Consultancy Services & Support - Tell Jane

Together, we can build an organisation that works for everyone.

With the help of Tell Jane’s HR experts, you can ensure you meet your obligations as an employer, comply with the law, and address workplace issues effectively.

Our seasoned HR practitioners work with you to develop inclusive policies and efficient procedures, as well as keeping you up-to-date on HR best practices.

HR consultancy & support

reporting hotline

Provide a platform for employees to speak out against harassment, discrimination and bullying with the Tell Jane freephone hotline. As well as offering a safe space to seek advice and report incidents anonymously, the hotline helps you address complaints before they escalate. Our HR practitioners aren’t just a listening ear – they provide practical solutions to effectively overcome conflicts.

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Mediation is a voluntary, informal process that aims to resolve conflicts before they become formal complaints.

Our skilled mediators focus on communication and empathy, providing a safe, structured, confidential space to exchange perspectives and facilitate dialogue. They also skilled in supporting all parties to work towards a solution and commit to an agreed outcome.

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When conflicts arise, mediation is an effective tool to address underlying issues and foster better workplace relationships.

Independent workplace investigations

If an employee reports an incident of bullying, harassment or discrimination, you have a duty to investigate.

The purpose of a workplace investigation is to establish the facts and our CIPD-qualified practitioners are highly skilled in all aspects of the fact-finding process. Most importantly, by working with an independent investigator, you ensure a transparent, objective, and unbiased outcome.

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With an impartial third-party investigator, you can be confident that you have a full, clear picture of a situation before taking action.

Our policy review service ensures HR materials, procedures, and processes follow best practice and serve everyone’s needs.

Policy review

Put your values into practice by developing robust policies.

Our HR specialists review your policies at all stages of the employee lifecycle from attracting diverse talent with a bias-free recruitment process, building a sense of belonging with inclusive onboarding materials and improving retention with policies that prioritise employee wellbeing.

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Gender pay gap reporting

The first step to closing the pay gap is to understand and acknowledge it. If your organisation has more than 250 employees, gender pay gap reporting is a legal requirement. If you’re a smaller organisation, consider participating voluntarily and help your industry work towards pay equality.

Our gender pay gap specialists guide you through every stage of the reporting process; from collecting the right data and making sense of it all, to writing a supporting narrative that highlights the progress you’re making, and developing an action plan to work towards closing the gap.

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HR consultancy & support