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Tell Jane’s seasoned ED&I practitioners are passionate about sharing their expertise, knowledge and lived experience to create truly inclusive workplaces where diverse workforces can thrive.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training for the Workplace - Tell Jane

Tell Jane’s bespoke training programmes are designed and delivered to drive and embed real change.

Training and workshops

What we offer

Whether delivered in person or online, in a group or 1-2-1 setting, Tell Jane’s experienced ED&I practitioners are skilled in creating collaborative and trusting spaces for proactive learning. Using real-life scenarios, a contemporary ED&I language and reflective questions, our training programmes aim to not only increase understanding but equip attendees with practical solutions to implement in their day-to-day roles.

ED&I workshops

Our workshops provide essential awareness of ED&I pillar subjects, such as fostering inclusivity, dismantling bias, understanding intersectionality and effective allyship. The sessions are designed to develop collective consciousness and responsibility for upholding cultures of belonging through embedding ED&I principles into the daily operations of an organisation.

As well as increased knowledge, our workshops equip attendees with the language and vocabulary for engaging in contemporary ED&I conversations and to confidently address issues relating to harassment, bullying and discrimination.

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Our workshops include:

The active bystander
How to have difficult conversations
Class and the workplace
LGBT+ awareness and allyship
Disability is diverse… plus many more!

Dismantling bias training

Everyone is biased – our thoughts and feelings are influenced by our backgrounds, our experiences, our teachings and the world around us. Indeed, benevolent bias exists as an evolutionary response to our external environment, but it is when bias leads us to favour or discriminate against certain people or groups that it becomes harmful.

However, this realisation of the existence of bias is just the first step. Being “conscious” of bias is not enough. It is by dismantling bias that real change occurs.

As well as raising awareness of the various types of bias that exist at a personal, cultural and systemic level, we take a proactive approach to overcoming bias. Our Dismantling Bias training seeks to expose and challenge bias through analysing and questioning thought patterns, decisions and actions. It also encourages collective responsibility and proactive empathy as a means to overcome bias.

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Training and workshops

Coaching sessions provide leaders with a safe environment to openly explore the challenges they face.

Leadership coaching

Leaders are integral for creating and sustaining equitable and inclusive workplaces. Therefore, it is essential that they are equipped with the knowledge to do so effectively.

Tell Jane’s coaching programme provides essential leadership skills for cultivating cultures of belonging and overcoming barriers to change – including listening and communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, emotional intelligence, building trust, delegation and mental health awareness. They also provide insight and confidence for leaders to create trusting spaces for their own teams to facilitate brave conversations about challenging Equality, Diversity & Inclusion issues or to tackle incidences of harassment, bullying and discrimination effectively.

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If you’re looking to develop a programme of ED&I training, request a copy of our ED&I Workshops Brochure. Here you’ll find a detailed overview of each session as well as package options to create a tailored training programme for your organisation and your people.

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Our approach to ED&I training

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to training. From bite-sized awareness-raising sessions to leadership coaching, we take a people-centric approach to training, designing and delivering programmes tailored to your ED&I objectives, your organisation and your people.

Our training and coaching programmes are designed to encourage open discussion and real-life experience sharing in a safe and trusting environment. Drawing upon their own lived experience and expertise in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Tell Jane’s seasoned practitioners are skilled in ensuring proactive participation and engagement with challenging subjects in order to broaden awareness and encourage collective accountability for the company culture.

Most importantly, we want every individual to feel able to engage and contribute. Therefore, we take an inclusive approach to training, designing sessions for a diverse range of learning styles; accommodating different personality types, neurodiversity needs or physical impairments. We also place a high value on sensitivity and empathy to attendees’ own lived experiences and previous incidences of trauma when exploring challenging Equality, Diversity & Inclusion issues.