Workplace investigation training course

Our three-module investigation training course upskills in-house HR, line managers and leadership teams to conduct fair, inclusive and impartial workplace investigations.

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Workplace investigations training course UK - Tell Jane

Workplace investigations are a crucial tool for handling incidents and complaints. When done right, investigations build trust and ensure fair outcomes for your people.

What you’ll learn

Whether you’re a manager preparing to conduct your first investigation or an HR professional looking to refresh and refine your skills, Tell Jane’s comprehensive workplace investigation training course is for you. In three hands-on modules, we guide you through the entire process, from planning to evidence-gathering to reporting, and equip you with a flexible toolkit that can be adapted and applied to any situation.

Workplace investigations can be daunting for everyone involved, so we focus on the human element. Our dedicated trainers bring decades of HR experience and real-life insights to help you navigate nuances and tackle common challenges. We’ll take a deep dive into the biases that can undermine an investigation’s integrity and explore how to create an inclusive investigation process.

Through discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, you’ll develop the skills to handle complex cases with sensitivity, empathy and professionalism.

Doing the groundwork

In the first 2-hour module, you’ll learn about the purpose and process of a workplace investigation. We’ll dive into the types of grievances that require investigation, discuss an investigator’s role, and establish a shared understanding of what a good investigation looks like.

Through interactive activities and discussions, you’ll learn how to scope and plan an investigation. We’ll introduce some key terminology and essential resources to give any investigation a solid foundation.

Doing the groundwork - workplace investigations training course
Workplace Investigations Process

Conducting the Investigation

In the second module, you’ll develop the skills you need to gather robust evidence. You’ll learn how to get the most out of interviews, from setting expectations and building rapport to asking the right questions and active listening.

We’ll explore how to identify your own biases as an investigator, how these can impact the investigation process, and methods to mitigate them. By the end, you’ll be equipped to communicate sensitively and inclusively with complainants, respondents and witnesses.

Pulling it all together

Finally, you’ll learn how to produce the all-important output: a report that presents your findings and informs decisions about what should happen next. We’ll talk about how to analyse the evidence you’ve gathered, including practical methods for organising information, and reflect on how to draw conclusions without bias.

We’ll also walk you through the structure of the report, looking at what should be covered and in what order. You’ll come away with a template that can be adapted for your own investigations.

Workplace investigation training course from Tell Jane

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