Independent workplace investigations

We help organisations across the UK handle grievances and investigate complaints with a fair, transparent, and unbiased process.

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Independent Workplace Investigations from Tell Jane

By working with an impartial third party like Tell Jane, your investigation is guaranteed to be objective and transparent.

Who should conduct the workplace investigation?

To maintain your employees’ trust and ensure fair outcomes, workplace investigations should be conducted by an unbiased HR professional with no personal or professional stakes in the outcome.

If the grievance involves senior employees, or if there are not enough levels of seniority to escalate the case, we recommend working with an external HR investigator.

What is a workplace investigation?

While prevention is better than cure, incidents of harassment, bullying and discrimination do occur, and it is your responsibility as an employer to investigate complaints and grievances.

A workplace investigation is the process of gathering information and evidence, allowing you to make a fully informed decision about what should happen next.

Grievances include:

Breach of a procedure (such as safeguarding, IT abuse, health and safety, financial irregularities)
Discrimination and unfair treatment under the Equality Act
Harassment and bullying (remote or in-office)
Disciplinary investigations and victimisation
Relationships breakdown

Our process for conducting workplace investigations

Our CIPD-qualified HR practitioners are highly skilled in all aspects of the investigation process. There are three main steps:

  1. Preparing the investigation
  2. Collecting and evaluating the evidence
  3. Presenting the conclusion

First, we plan and prepare for the workplace investigation. That means understanding who is involved, the nature of the grievance, and any other relevant information. We also plan how, when and where interviews will be conducted.

Next, the HR investigator collects evidence to establish the facts. That means interviewing complainants, respondents, and witnesses and reviewing any relevant documentation (such as emails).

Workplace Investigations from Tell Jane
Independent Grievance Investigations from Tell Jane

Our practitioners aim to make the workplace investigation process feel human, prioritising communication and transparency. We don’t interrogate people or solicit opinions – we ask clear, objective questions and listen carefully to make sure we understand all facets of the situation. We assess the available evidence to draw conclusions about what happened.

Finally, the HR investigator produces a report. The report’s purpose is to objectively present the facts of the situation – the investigator isn’t involved in decision-making and does not make recommendations for what should happen next.

With the help of a Tell Jane independent workplace investigator, you can be confident that you have all the facts you need to take appropriate action for a grievance.

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