Anti-bullying & harassment training

Our anti-bullying and harassment training equips employees and leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify and challenge toxic workplace behaviour.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training for the Workplace - Tell Jane

What we offer

Tell Jane’s anti-bullying and harassment training has been designed to create and sustain equitable and inclusive workplace cultures that are free from toxic behaviour.

The insightful programme provides an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of the Equality Act 2010 to understand protected characteristics and intersectionality, identify workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination, and review and renew policies and procedures.

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If you’re looking to develop a programme of ED&I training, request a copy of our brochure. Here you’ll find a detailed overview of our coaching sessions, training programmes and awareness workshops as well as options to create a tailored package of learning for your organisation and your people.

Dismantling bias training

Everyone is biased – our thoughts and feelings are influenced by our backgrounds, our experiences, our teachings and the world around us. Indeed, benevolent bias exists as an evolutionary response to our external environment, but it is when bias leads us to favour or discriminate against certain people or groups that it becomes harmful.

However, this realisation of the existence of bias is just the first step. Being “conscious” of bias is not enough. It is by dismantling bias that real change occurs.

As well as raising awareness of the various types of bias that exist at a personal, cultural and systemic level, we take a proactive approach to overcoming bias. Our Dismantling Bias training seeks to expose and challenge bias through analysing and questioning thought patterns, decisions and actions. It also encourages collective responsibility and proactive empathy as a means to overcome bias.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training for the Workplace - Tell Jane
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training for the Workplace - Tell Jane

Bystander intervention and allyship training

Tell Jane’s bystander intervention and allyship training sessions encourage proactive empathy and collective responsibility for creating and upholding an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels they belong.

Our Bystander Intervention workshop empowers everyone to speak up when they witness incidences of discrimination, harassment and bullying by equipping employees with the skills to identify when and how to intervene and the language for engaging in challenging conversations.

Building on the principles of bystander intervention, our Authentic Allyship training enables employees to use their influence in amplifying the voices of others and actively challenge institutional bias and barriers to change.

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Our approach to ED&I training

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to ED&I training. We take a people-centric and action-led approach to designing and delivering programmes that inspire sustainable change.

Our training and coaching programmes are tailored to your ED&I aspirations, your organisation and your people. We also take the time to understand your industry, ensuring content is relevant and applicable to employees’ day-to-day roles.

Finally, we want every individual who takes part in a Tell Jane coaching or training session to feel engaged, fully able to contribute, and equipped with new skills and knowledge. Therefore, we take an inclusive approach to training, designing programmes for a diverse range of learning styles and accommodating different personality types, neurodiversity needs or physical impairments. We also place a high value on sensitivity and empathy to attendees’ own lived experiences and previous incidences of trauma when exploring challenging Equality, Diversity & Inclusion issues.

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