Building employee resource groups

Calling all change makers! To bring about real and lasting change, all voices within an organisation need the space and opportunity to be heard.

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Building employee resource groups

What is an Employee Resource Group?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – also known as affinity groups, employee networks or equality networks – provide a safe and trusting environment for people with shared identities, experiences or goals to support each other personally and professionally.

They also provide insight for informing and advancing your organisation’s ED&I strategy by encouraging and supporting employees to highlight and suggest ways to overcome any disparities in equity that may exist in your workplace.

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ERGs are built by employees, for employees. They promote inclusivity and belonging by building a sense of community and employee engagement.

What are the benefits of an Employee Resource Group?

  • ERGs give a voice for those from under-represented groups.
  • They provide a route for change, creating awareness about the needs and aspirations of the employees they represent.
  • They encourage equitable workplace practices by raising awareness of barriers faced by employees and developing strategies to overcome them.
  • They provide a psychologically safe space to discuss sensitive issues and seek support.
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What we do

We support organisations who are looking to establish an ERG or grow an existing group. From setting up an ERG, electing a Chair and agreeing terms of reference, to identifying sponsors and allies, and gaining senior level buy-in we provide practical advice and guidance. We also support the development of feedback loops between the ERGs, leadership teams and the wider organisation.

Coaching for ERG Chairs

Running an Employee Resource Group effectively to inspire participation and advocate for equality can be challenging. We therefore offer coaching for Chairs to effectively oversee meetings, confidently represent the group internally and externally, and drive strategies for sustainable change.

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Tell Jane’s seasoned consultants are on hand to provide practical advice and support in setting up an ERG for your organisation and your people.

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