Anonymous reporting hotline for employees

Show your commitment to your people’s welfare and ensure their concerns are heard through the Tell Jane employee hotline.

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Anonymous Reporting Freephone Hotline for Employees - Tell Jane
Anonymous Reporting Freephone Hotline for Employees - Tell Jane

Safety in anonymity

In the event that employees experience bullying, harassment or discrimination, they should feel supported in reporting incidents and raising concerns, as well as having the confidence that they will be listened to.

Anonymous reporting is crucial to cultivating a sense of safety. Victims of harassment often feel unable to speak up due to feelings of shame, self-doubt and fear of professional or social consequences (especially when a situation involves someone in a position of authority).

By subscribing to the Tell Jane anonymous reporting hotline, you will provide a safe platform for employees to voice their concerns and send a clear message that incidents will be taken seriously.

A culture of support

The Tell Jane hotline helps facilitate bystander intervention by encouraging employees to raise concerns if they witness inappropriate behaviour.

This makes it easier for colleagues to support each other and safeguard your culture. Bystander reports help you identify toxic behaviour early, making sure you’re aware of issues before they escalate.

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Whether victim or witness, the Tell Jane hotline empowers employees to speak out against toxic behaviour without shame or fear.

To learn more about the Tell Jane freephone hotline and how it works, request a copy of our brochure.

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How does the anonymous reporting hotline work?

With a monthly subscription to the Tell Jane hotline, anyone at your organisation can call our freephone number to speak to an independent HR advisor. With extensive professional and lived experience, our practitioners have the empathy and expertise to provide trusted advice.

Every person who calls the hotline is given the option to make a report anonymously. Details of the incident or concern are passed onto a designated contact at your organisation to investigate, but names and identifying factors will be withheld if requested. We then work with you to address reports effectively and confidentially, bringing our wealth of experience in complaint handling to find the most appropriate solutions.

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