LGBTQ+ awareness and allyship

How can we become effective and authentic allies for the LGBTQ+ community? How do we create workplaces where every individual – no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity – feels they belong? Our LGBTQ+ training sessions are designed to answer these very questions.

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What we offer

There is a vast range of identities and lived experiences within the LGBTQ+ community; every person has a unique story to tell.

Tell Jane’s LGBTQ+ workshops have been developed by skilled ED&I practitioners with their own lived experience. Through collaborative discussion and active learning, our insightful training sessions seek to raise awareness of the barriers faced by the LGBTQ+ community, dismantle bias, challenge stereotypes, and equip attendees with knowledge and skills to be authentic allies.

Our LGBTQ+ workshops

LGBTQ+ Awareness
LGBTQ+ Allyship
LGBTQ+ History
Understanding Gender Identity

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Building inclusion through LGBTQ+ awareness and allyship

Allies are committed to listening to and amplifying the voices of those from marginalised groups. They are also committed to continuous learning to understand the way others experience the world, and are therefore integral to creating and upholding an inclusive workplace.

Our LGBTQ+ workshops focus on raising awareness and promoting authentic allyship. They provide an essential foundation of understanding by exploring the diversity of lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ community (past and present) through a lens of intersectionality and inclusion.

Delivered by experienced ED&I trainers who are highly skilled in creating trusting spaces for open discussion, our workshops also aim to dismantle inherent biases and assumptions associated with sexuality and gender identity, as well as equip attendees with the correct language and terminology to confidently engage in the ED&I dialogue.

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