Workplace Mediation

Our outcome-focused mediation service helps you resolve workplace issues before they have the opportunity to escalate.

Workplace Mediation Services - Tell Jane HR Consultancy

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process for resolving workplace conflicts voluntarily and informally. It focuses on communication, openness, and empathy, giving individuals the opportunity to speak and be heard.

If workplace conflicts and allegations go unchecked, they’re likely to escalate into formal grievances, disciplinary procedures, and tribunals. Mediation is a vital first step in addressing problems and fostering better workplace relationships.

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Reaching a solution together

Where disputes have occurred or working relationships have broken down, an impartial mediator will first talk to all parties to understand the issue.

Mediators are skilled in providing a safe, structured and confidential environments for all parties to address the conflict together. Each person is given uninterrupted space to share their story and express their feelings. They are then encouraged to work together towards a solution and commit to a mutually agreed outcome.

Mediation offers a safe, structured and confidential environment for all parties involved to overcome conflict

Workplace Mediation Services - Tell Jane HR Consultancy

Working with a
Tell Jane mediator

Our skilled mediators are experienced in resolving a wide range of issues. We have particular expertise in handling allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination, which can be challenging and sensitive to mediate. If all parties are willing to participate, mediation can be a highly effective tool for addressing the underlying issue and safeguarding your organisation’s culture.

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If you’re looking to discover more about independent workplace investigations, request a copy of our brochure. Here you’ll find a detailed overview of our approach as well as mediation services and training programmes to upskill your in-house leadership and HR teams in conducting fair and inclusive workplace investigators.

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