ED&I awareness workshops

Facilitated by trainers with lived experience, Tell Jane’s insightful awareness workshops allow employees and leaders to gain insight into the many facets of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training for the Workplace - Tell Jane

Our ED&I awareness
workshops include:

Black History Month
International Women’s Day
Sexual Harassment Prevention
LGBTQ+ Awareness and Allyship
Disability is Diverse
Pregnancy and the Workplace
Supporting Working Parents & Carers
Plus many more!

What we offer

Our workshops provide essential awareness of ED&I pillar subjects, such as intersectionality, microaggressions, the power dynamics of discrimination, antiracism and allyship. The sessions are designed to develop a collective consciousness and responsibility for upholding a culture of belonging through embedding ED&I principles into your organisation’s daily operations.

As well as widening knowledge, our workshops equip attendees with the language and vocabulary for engaging in contemporary ED&I conversations and confidently addressing issues relating to harassment, bullying and discrimination.

To find out how we can develop a programme of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion workshops for your organisation, get in touch.

Receive our ED&I training brochure

If you’re looking to develop a programme of ED&I training, request a copy of our brochure. Here you’ll find a detailed overview of our coaching sessions, training programmes and awareness workshops as well as options to create a tailored package of learning for your organisation and your people.

What to expect

Our ED&I awareness workshops are a chance to dig into the specifics of how identity – race, class, gender, sexuality, disability – and intersecting identities shape our experiences of the workplace. Developed and delivered by experienced ED&I practitioners, they provide a solid grounding in the basics of how to identify, combat and prevent common forms of discrimination; from overt acts of harassment and bullying to subtle microaggressions, invisible barriers to progression and inherent bias.

However, an inclusive and equitable workplace isn’t just about fighting discrimination. It’s also about representing and respecting differences. Through exploring a wealth of identities, recognising different lived experiences and celebrating the achievements of those who have overcome oppression, we aim to provide insight into the joyful, inspiring and liberating aspects of diversity and support your employees to become truly authentic and effective allies.

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