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Preventing sexual harassment is a team effort. Give your employees the tools to recognise and stand against toxic behaviour with the Define the Line training resource.

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Recognising the signs

Define the Line offers a new approach to anti-harassment training by raising awareness through comic book storytelling.

Through six stories that represent real-life scenarios, including inappropriate jokes and unwanted touching, Define the Line helps your employees identify how sexual harassment manifests in the workplace, understand why it’s not acceptable, and respond to it effectively.

By recognising warning signs, inappropriate behaviour can be tackled head-on.

With the language to describe unacceptable behaviour and the confidence to call it out, employees are empowered to speak up for themselves and each other.

Encouraging collective responsibility

With a focus on bystander intervention, Define the Line aims to foster a sense of collective responsibility. It provides practical tools for responding to different scenarios, intervening effectively, and dealing with difficult situations, modelling actions that can turn bystanders into allies.

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Engaging and flexible

Ideal for remote learning, Define the Line can be used as part of a larger training programme or distributed for self-directed learning. Use it to start difficult discussions, to encourage self-reflection, and to foster a culture that’s vigilant against sexual harassment.

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