Creating diverse & inclusive workplaces

We work with forward-thinking and progressive organisations across the UK to design, develop and deliver effective diversity and inclusion strategies that drive lasting and sustainable change.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy - Tell Jane

What’s involved?

Fostering a sense of belonging through an inclusive company culture is the key to employee wellbeing and engagement, attracting and retaining top talent, and gaining competitive advantage. At Tell Jane, we can support your workplace in developing and implementing successful ED&I strategies through understanding the employee experience, setting objectives and embedding change.

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Understanding the cultural landscape

Tell Jane supports organisations to build a clear and true picture of their existing ED&I landscape. Our experienced ED&I practitioners are highly skilled in conducting organisation-wide assessments through employee surveys, focus group sessions and 1-2-1s, as well as analysis of quantitative data such as pay and performance indicators, applicant tracking systems and employee satisfaction surveys.

Findings are then used to establish objectives, review policies and procedures, develop bespoke training programmes and as a baseline from which to monitor ED&I activities.

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Our ED&I practitioners help determine the employee experience at your organisation and identify areas for growth, opportunity and improvement.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy - Tell Jane

Setting ED&I objectives and developing strategies

Setting an ED&I strategy with objectives that are aspirational yet realistic demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to change. We support businesses to establish objectives that overcome challenges and mitigate biases in order to become truly inclusive.

As a result of our extensive experience in the contemporary ED&I space, we provide actionable recommendations in our development of ED&I strategies to achieve objectives and embed sustainable change. We are also committed to identifying benchmarks and to monitoring the effectiveness of action plans to ensure the success of ED&I strategies.

Designing and delivering ED&I programmes

We approach ED&I programmes based on the three stages of change – raising awareness, vision setting and embedding change:

Raising awareness
Increasing awareness of ED&I pillar subjects through training and development of an ED&I language toolkit.

Vision setting
Ensuring collective accountability for cultivating and protecting the company culture through creating behavioural codes, feedback models and leadership coaching.

Embedding change
Equipping teams to continue to uphold and evolve the company culture through upskilling in-house HR teams, reviewing policies and developing inclusive recruitment practices.

From mitigating barriers to employee engagement, ensuring equal opportunities to pay and progression, or increasing diversity at senior level, we design and deliver ED&I change programmes tailored to your organisation, people and objectives.

Why is ED&I important?

Diverse workplaces are more creative, innovative and profitable. But, recruiting more diverse candidates or introducing coaching programmes for employees from underrepresented groups is only the first step in bringing about change.

Organisations need to be fair, inclusive and foster belonging to retain and nuture a diverse workforce. When employees feel they are valued for their contributions, treated fairly and respected for being their authentic selves, they engage, contribute and perform at the very best of their abilities; the impact of which is enhanced creativity, idea sharing, problem solving, performance and company loyalty.

Diverse businesses also have greater awareness of and are more agile in tailoring their offering to the challenges, needs and expectations of their customers. Plus, they are able to design and deliver equitable and inclusive services, thereby increasing their competitive advantage.