In this guest blog, Define the Line Co-Founder Nikki Larchar explores the challenge of tackling and preventing online sexual harassment – an issue that has become increasingly prevalent with the increased need for employees to work from home. Here Nikki shares her invaluable insight as well as essential advice and top tips for tackling harassment in the digital realm.

As you and your team begin adjusting to remote work, creating a positive virtual workplace is just as important as making sure everyone can still communicate with one another. With many companies adopting online communication via Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack and more, it’s time to make sure that your employees know where you stand when it comes to online harassment.

Remote workers around the globe are navigating new normals and learning how to communicate with one another in a virtual landscape. And even though your workers may not see one another in real life, it doesn’t mean that they’ve magically stopped harassing.

“A survey last year found that 40% of American adults had experienced online abuse, with almost half of them receiving severe forms of harassment, including physical threats and stalking. Seventy percent of women described online harassment as a “major problem”.” – BBC

Update your sexual harassment policy