It’s International Women’s Day! How will you and your people be recognising the achievements of women in history, in our contemporary culture and in your organisation?

If you’re looking for some ideas, here’s four ways to celebrate!

  1. Fundraise for a female-focussed charity or organisation

Put words into action by encouraging key individuals in your organisation (Board members and SLT in particular) to sign up to a challenge for the month of March – and ask those around you to support the cause. There are endless female charities offering aid and guidance to women around the world, all of which need your help. Suggestions include Women For Women International who help women survivors of war rebuild their lives, or Care who continue to fight for women’s rights.

  1. Show your support on social

This year’s International Women’s Day theme #BreakTheBias continues to fight for a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Become part of the movement online by encouraging employees to strike the IWD #BreakTheBias pose. Cross your arms to show solidarity and share your image on social media using #IWD2022 to encourage further people to commit to helping forge an inclusive world.

  1. Host a training session in your workplace

Changing your company’s culture will not only impact the lives of the women who you work alongside, but it will also help to foster an understanding of equality, inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Our International Women’s Day workshop will help you explore the celebration in more detail, offering advice on how to recognise women in your workplace and demonstrating ways in which everyone can accelerate gender equality. We already know that diverse workplaces are more creative, innovative and profitable, so when was the last time you assessed your business’ structure and inclusivity?

  1. Bring men in to the conversation

International Women’s Day can often get a bad reputation for its feminist focus, but in truth it’s simply about raising women’s voices, increasing visibility and promoting the benefits of gender equality. Involving men in your International Women’s Day celebrations and sharing the positive impact the campaigns are having across the globe will help further bring your team together. There’s no room for gender separation in any part of our lives, and International Women’s Day is no exception to the rule.

If you’re looking to kickstart your celebrations, throughout March Tell Jane are offering an International Women’s Day workshop, which can be tailored to your organisation and your people. To discover more and get started, email

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