1. Lead

Sexual harassment isn’t really about sex; it’s about power. Creating a culture where sexual harassment isn’t tolerated, and complaints are taken seriously is fundamental to the welfare of your employees.

  1. Bridge the gap

Create a diverse workplace that is fair. Close the gaps in gender equality in your workplace. How many female leaders do you have in your workplace? (I’m hoping it’s not just the HR Director!).

Diversity cannot just be thought of in terms of gender, think race, sexuality

  1. It’s not just about numbers

What constitutes a top performer in your company? An individual may have excellent commercial results but are they respecting their colleagues? Are they enhancing the culture of your workplace?

  1. Train

The best training is in-person, interactive and focuses on changing behaviour, not just lecturing on the law and procedures.

Train your execs- do they know their responsibilities? Do they understand what they are and aren’t on the hook for?

  1. Create a safe space

Provide a confidential complaint procedure, ideally by an independent third party – not that we at Tell Jane are bias, of course!


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