Inclusion is the keystone to fostering diverse, creative, and progressive workplaces.

Whether you’re already making inclusion an everyday reality within your teams or need a helping hand to reach your inclusion goals, here are five ways you can get involved:

  1. Get connected

Celebrating inclusion is an opportunity to connect, learn and be inspired by hundreds of organisations across the UK and further afield. Use their experiences to evaluate your own inclusion objectives, identify the areas where your workplace requires improvement and gain ideas on how you can meet your goals.

  1. Proactively listen

Take the time to proactively ask your employees their views on inclusivity and whether they feel it is achieved at their place of work. Why not design a survey or create a focus group to gain some invaluable perspectives? Focus groups could be held via online meeting rooms to ensure all employees, including those who work from home, can be included.

  1. Encourage involvement

An important part of achieving inclusivity is ensuring all employees feel valued and able to bring their authentic selves to work. Alongside collecting official feedback, why not help bring your teams together socially and provide further opportunities to discuss inclusivity with a range of activities? You could organise a coffee morning (in person and virtually), quizzes or competitions.

  1. Communicate

Inclusivity in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important topic for new generations of workers. Show your commitment to inclusivity by making sure to communicate how you’re getting involved with inclusion and what your workplace values are to your employees, perhaps via an internal newsletter, email, or Slack channel, as well as the wider public via your website and social media.

  1. Provide training

Raise further awareness of inclusion and what it really means by providing training. Even if you’re sailing ahead with your inclusion goals, inclusion training provides space to remind all employees – from the c-suite to new starters – of the importance of allyship and dismantling bias. Tell Jane provides a range of online inclusion workshops to help you get started.

However, remember that inclusion is not just a short-term commitment. Make sure to use the momentum created at this time to bring about real and sustainable change, now and into the future.

What are your plans for Inclusion for the remainder of the year? Tell Jane’s online workshops offer leaders and employees the chance to develop and embed inclusive habits, such as managing relationships, effective communication, and proactive listening. Email to find out more.

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