Diversity within the workplace helps draw top talent and foster innovation while inclusion ensures employees are able to bring their full and authentic selves to work, boosting productivity and performance. And that’s not all, companies that embrace LGTBQ+ diversity and inclusivity significantly outperform their competitors.

However, 40% of LGB+ workers and 55% of trans workers experience workplace conflict and harassment compared to 29% of heterosexual, cisgender employees suggesting that many UK workplaces need to improve their approaches to LGBTQ+ inclusivity and develop a greater understanding of the specific needs of LGBTQ+ employees.

So, what should workplaces be doing?

  1. Keep all ED&I policies up to date

Reviewing your policies will ensure the support provided to the LGBTQ+ community remains relevant and consistent.

  1. Provide training to all employees

Running LGBTQ+ awareness sessions with your workforce will ensure allyship and understanding across the organisation – from board level to leadership to grassroots. With Pride celebrations taking place throughout June, now is the time to get the balling rolling. And we can help, get in touch to discover our LGBTQ+ and gender awareness workshops.

  1. Develop an employee resource group

Creating allies for LGBTQ+ employees will ensure the correct support is available, as well as championing the message that diversity is part of your workforce. Read our top tips for establishing an employee resource group network here.

  1. Take LGBTQ+ discrimination seriously

Establish a strong anti-discrimination policy in your workplace and communicate this to all employees. If cases and complaints arise, promptly recognise the problem and take effective action.

  1. Create a gender-inclusive environment

From training employees on gender-inclusive language, promoting the correct use of preferred pronouns and introducing gender-neutral physical spaces to reviewing recruitment literature and processes, and ensuring parental and adoption leave policies and flexible working opportunities are accessible to all, there are many small adjustments to the working environment that can make a significant impact.

Tell Jane is here to support your workplace in making these changes. Our experienced HR Consultants and ED&I practitioners are able to help assess your inclusion policies, establish behavioural codes, introduce training programmes, plus much more. Email hello@telljane.co.uk to see how we can help your business to support the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month and beyond.

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